Irie Vibes grows green

Irie Vibes grows green

Every year we try to be more aware of our responsability to the world.

This year we 23 members participated in “Days without meat” from 1st of March till 15th of April. Together we saved 8272 m² on our ecological footprint. This equalise 9557 baths or 9328 km of car driving. Proudly we reached third place in the category festivals.

Jumping castles in the kid’s village are replaced by active workshops in an environmental friendly surrounding, where children can be creative, play and explore. In the centre of the village we created an oasis of peace for the little ones and their parents. Fantasy is the password to enter the children’s village.

Artists are offered a variated, seasonal and healthy meal that is prepared in cooperation with local and biological farmers or shops.

For months, the decoteam has been busy with the concept upcycling. They are creating the most colorful and inspirational decorations, using materials that are free or that would end up in the dump.

Only reusable cups are used at the festival.
The Waterbar will be present at the festival, where you can get free and freshly tapped water.
But there is more. You too can contribute to a healthier environment. Use public transport to reach the festival. You can easily reach the festival from the Kortemark station.
If you come to the festival by bike, you can park your bike at our fancy bicycle storage at the entrance.

We hope these actions will last not only during the weekend of 20th-22nd of July at Kortemark. Practise what you preach. Let’s hope these small actions will make a difference in society.