Irie Vibes For Kids

Children also matter @ Irie Vibes Roots Festival !

In the centre of our festival there is also room for the little ones. Children enter the magical world of the kid's village, where games, arts, and discoveries can surprise them. In the centre of this world, there is a special place for the little ones. It's a safe and relaxed place where parents and babies can sit comfortably.

At entrance, wristbands are available. You can write down your phone number on them, so we can easily reach you if needed.
Although we have a team of volunteers at the kid’s village, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that might happen.

On Thursday, there will be a clown teaching the children circus acts and captivating them with stories and a show.

On Friday, children can discover the world of djembe playing.

On Saturday, they can join the capoeira workshop.

Opening Hours

The children’s village closes at 22.00
The festival is free for all children under 14. The kid’s village is open to anyone under 12.

If you have any questions about children at Irie Vibes Roots Festival, contact us through