Safety @ Irie Vibes Roots Festival

Emergency numbers

Police (general)

Police (Kortemark)
0032 51 591560


Drugs and alcohol
0032 78 151020

0032 70 344344

Medical aid
0032 51 571990

Central Safety Point

The Central Safety Point is situated next to the emergency tent (Red Cross). The coordination of the team security is located here. You can also go to this info point for :

- Lost children or objects
- General questions
- Free earbuds and ear protection for children (guarantee)
- Dangerous or suspicious behaviour

There are different mobile and permanent teams security at the festival and in the nearby settings. Security can be recognized by the fluo vests.

What to do in case of emergency situations at the festival

Before :
Memorise the emergency exits and places that can protect you in case of emergency.
Memorise the place of the medical aid tent.
Remember that the use of alcohol reduces the sharpness of your thiking. Be aware of the risks.
Make a small first aid kit if you are staying on the camping site. Think about different weather conditions.

During :
Do not panic.
Try to avoid the centre of the crowd.
Stay close to your friends or family. Hold them if needed.
When falling, try to get up as soon as possible by clinging onto something. Cry for the attention of the people nearby you.
If you cannot get up after falling, try to stay in a foetus position, protecting your head, ribs and stomach.
Do not use your phone and keep the lines open for emergency correspondence.

After :
Try finding friends and family through text message. Make a venue far from the crowded spaces.
When hurt, go to the medical posts to get the necessary help.

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