This year we are again looking for helping hands to turn the Irie Vibes Roots Festival into a success.

Naturally, all efforts will be rewarded.

All activities are under supervision of your team leader. You can turn to your team leader for all your questions or problems regarding the practical details of your shift.
For all other questions : Cindy Jonckheere , 0470/722972 of volunteers@irievibes.be

As a volunteer, you do not get any money for your efforts. You do get a free ticket for the festival, a T-shirt and tickets for drinks and food that can be used at any bar or food shop at the festival. For volunteers, parking, camping and toilets / showers are for free.

We kindly ask you to register at the main entrance at least half an hour before the start of your shift.
You will receive an envelop with your T-shirt and tickets there.

Please wear your T-shirt while doing your shift.

You receive a festival ticket for each day you are working.
You receive a food voucher that has a value of 5 euros and can be used at any food shop at the festival.
For every shift you are working, you receive 7 drinkvouchers.
During your shift, there will be free coffee, tea or soda.

Volunteers who helped 2 days during the construction of the festival, receive a weekend ticket, 1 food voucher and 5 drink vouchers. For every extra day you worked during construction, you get 5 drink vouchers extra.

Volunteers who are prepared to help when the festival is over, will get their ticket refunded when actually showing up to help.

Are you interested in joining our team before, during or after the festival ?

I will contact you later with more details about your shift.

! To register for the shift "bar" you have to be at least 18 years old